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May 10, 2009, 7:04 am
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sex and the city foto
‘If you thought 94 episodes of Sex And The City and one entire feature-length Sex And The City movie weren’t enough, this is your lucky day.’it probably is your lucky day a bit, because Kim Cattrall has declared that Sex And The City 2 is definitely going ahead. Great – presuming it takes three years to make Sex And The City 2, the four main actresses will have a combined age of 192 by the time it’s released.
i was happy when i read this news and i want to put this news on my blog. I love this series and its movie.Because it has too contemporary subject in terms of fashion, job, life and american culture.They are successful and amusing. So, i am looking forward to second movie of it.:)


Episode, Lipstick Jungle Based on the best-selling book by Candace Bushnell (“Sex and the City”), this sexy drama follows three high-powered friends as they weather the ups and downs of lives lived at the top of their game.
Brooke Shields,Kim Raver, Lindsay Price have leading roles. I really enjoy watching Lipstick jungle, however;
it is done:( it outlasted only 2 season. These three modern New York women impressed me because
i felt there was a place on TV for a realistic portrayal of contemporary working women, and i simply never gave up.lipstick jungle return!