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NYC Spaghetti
November 6, 2009, 6:53 pm
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What a brilliant use of packaging to create something so much more than the product itself:

“I created this spaghetti packaging for a university project last year. The brief was to package one of 5 difficult items i.e. eggs, a rose, custard powder, spaghetti or marbles. I chose spaghetti. The spaghetti sits on a 3d model of the chrysler building that was modelled on CAD by my friend Ben Thorpe. And then modelled out of high density foam at uni. Creating a spaghetti model of the Chrysler building!”
Designed by Alex Creamer, a student at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK.

Futuristic Prefabricated Home for Living on Rooftops

These buildings are Futuristic Prefabricated Home.I took them from a design website.
Some of these more fanciful renderings suggest it could, like any portable prefabricated building, end up in any number of amazing locations around the world. That is all well and good but perhaps the concept remains clearer if kept simple: a brilliant way to repurpose otherwise unused rooftops in the middle of major metropolitan areas.
Envisioned as a compact-but-open all-in-one architectural design, the LoftCube has a number of space saving strategies drawn in part from Japanese architecture. It is also sufficiently self-contained to be picked up and deposited (whole) on the top of a building by crane.

Frank Gehry

frankMuch of Gehry’s work falls within the style of Deconstructivism. Decontructivism, also known as DeCon Architecture, is often referred to as post-structuralist in nature for its ability to go beyond current modalities of structural definition. In architecture, its application tends to depart from modernism in its inherent criticism of culturally inherited givens such as societal goals and functional necessity.
The second one which is enjoyable is made for Disney concert hall; this ribbon like building is a unique hotel in Alava, Spain, known as Hotel Marqués De Riscal. Its an attempt to redefine the traditional image of winery regions in Spain. Chirstmas is coming soon and I guess God must have drop his gift wrapping Christmas.The other one is;The Rasin Building, also known as the Dancing House or the Fred and Ginger Building, designed by Frank Gehry in Prague, Czech Republic. I really loved these structures. This buildings are increadible and i also i think this is the exact design.