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Elli Popp
June 13, 2009, 9:03 pm
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Elli Popp is the design company of Katja Behre. Elli Popp’s work features a range of neo-romantic designs blended with the balancing use of colour, shape and theme.Influenced by nature, Elli Popp offers a nostalgic relief through elegant yet contemporary motifs within an ever-urbanising modern world.I enjoy from this design especially blurred lines.Also, these patterns are too dramatic and alive. They totally reflects nature with its elegance.


Utz-Sanby is a medium sized architectural practice established in 1994. The partners, Kristin Utz from Sydney and Duncan Sanby from the U.K have a commercial background, working for firms in both London and Hong Kong, including Bennetts Associates and Sir Norman Foster and Partners.
The house is open and light, and engages with its natural bush setting. The kitchen bench extends to the outside and a large covered deck allowing for easy entertaining and open-plan living in all weather and all year round. This tree-house sits quietly on the site and is barely visible from the street, offering seclusion and sanctuary to the inhabitants
i loved this house, this is the best examples of modernity. I cannot image that i wake up in this house and this bed,it is amazing.This house looks like warm.With curved steel beams and a linear architecture the modern premise is nothing but a dream home with contemporary furnishings, large open spaces and warm colors that make you relax.This house has a beautiful landscape and it is effected of glamorous trees.