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Frank Gehry

frankMuch of Gehry’s work falls within the style of Deconstructivism. Decontructivism, also known as DeCon Architecture, is often referred to as post-structuralist in nature for its ability to go beyond current modalities of structural definition. In architecture, its application tends to depart from modernism in its inherent criticism of culturally inherited givens such as societal goals and functional necessity.
The second one which is enjoyable is made for Disney concert hall; this ribbon like building is a unique hotel in Alava, Spain, known as Hotel Marqués De Riscal. Its an attempt to redefine the traditional image of winery regions in Spain. Chirstmas is coming soon and I guess God must have drop his gift wrapping Christmas.The other one is;The Rasin Building, also known as the Dancing House or the Fred and Ginger Building, designed by Frank Gehry in Prague, Czech Republic. I really loved these structures. This buildings are increadible and i also i think this is the exact design.

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How fabulous is this hotel in Alava, Spain! I have not seen it before. I am a huge fan of Frank Gehry, having visited the Guggenheim in Bilboa, the Disney Concert Hall in LA and had a meal in the restaurant on top of the Fred and Ginger building in Prague. Gehry was in Australia a couple of weeks ago. He has been invited to submit a design for a University of Technology building in Sydney. It would be a first for Australia. We are keeping our fingers crossed the University council will approve the design and be generous with the budget !!

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